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Beam Commissioning

Commissioning and beam scanning are fundamental to building a strong radiation therapy program. Sun Nuclear™ dosimetry solutions offer speed, accuracy and ease of use for every clinical user.
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Faster, easier, hyper-accurate dosimetry.

Building on the legacy Sun Nuclear cylindrical water tank, the SunSCAN™ 3D cylindrical water scanning system is designed to unlock efficiencies in beam commissioning and annual QA, with hyper-accuracy for the growing demands of stereotactic radiation therapy programs.

Here's how:

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  • Faster and easier workflows for medical physicists tasked with beam commissioning and annual machine QA
  • Hyper-accurate dosimetry for the growing demands of stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) and stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT)
  • Consistent detector orientation ensures the smallest part of the detector always measures the beam edge, minimizing stem and cable effects and water movement
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Quick Setup, Intuitive Software

Manual water tank preparation can be time-consuming and require special expertise. With the SunSCAN 3D tank’s AutoSetup™ routine, it takes approximately seven minutes to provide a truly levelled water tank. Plus, setting up the tank, collecting scan data, and storing and comparing scans is made easy with SunDOSE™ Software.

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Proven Reference Ion Chambers

SNC125c™, SNC350p™, and SNC600c™ — Sun Nuclear reference class ionization chambers — are optimal tools for scanning, field, and reference dosimetry measurements. Properly QA your linac, in accordance with the reference class and dosimetry protocols of IEC 60731, AAPM TG-51, IAEA TRS-398 and DIN 6800-2.

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Versatile Dosimetry Investigation and Verification

ATOM® Phantoms are uniquely designed for investigation of organ doses and whole body effective doses, as well as the verification of therapeutic radiation doses.

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