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Cloud-Hosted SaaS Options

The Sun Nuclear™ SunCHECK® Platform is a centralized database and single interface that streamlines and standardizes workflows for Radiation Therapy QA in cancer care. The SunCHECK Platform SaaS implementation model offers scalability, security, and operational efficiencies for health systems looking to integrate and automate QA, with a comprehensive, proven solution.
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Cloud-hosted, SaaS implementation of the SunCHECK Platform reduces the time and resources required for upfront deployment and ongoing support.

As demands grow within Radiation Therapy departments, clinical and operational efficiency is essential for effective Quality Management. Local management of software and servers can be burdensome, requiring capital for server hardware.

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Streamlined Setup and Deployment

One of the challenges with any enterprise software is the need to run and keep current an onsite server. By leveraging the power of the cloud, the SunCHECK Platform SaaS acquisition model eliminates this challenge.

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Built-In Scalability

With the cloud-based offering, our customers benefit from a standardized architecture that meets the demand for high-performance software, easy implementation at scale, and creates a smooth pathway for future enhancements.

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Enhanced Data Security and Redundancy

As the cloud provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS) ensures built-in data backup and redundancy as standard, plus the highest levels of data encryption (both at rest and in-transit). In addition, the SaaS model for the SunCHECK Platform is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified — assuring Radiation Therapy departments and their IT teams that it is a robust and secure solution.

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