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Lab Kits are designed for classrooms that are working with limited resources. The two Lab Kits can provide individual workstations or a central demonstration station, depending on space and budget available.

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  • Set up or refurbish your physics teaching facilities with cutting-edge digital technology with two affordable kit configurations
  • Get a step-by-step guide for twelve experiments focusing on various aspects of gamma-ray detection and analysis in the Nuclear Science Experiments with Digital Electronics Laboratory Manual
  • Choose from one of two available Lab Kits, featuring Mirion’s Osprey® MCA and Lynx II® Digital Signal Analyzers
  • Take advantage of a flexible security feature that increases the productivity of training in ProSpect® Gamma Spectroscopy Software


Mirion has developed a set of 12 experiments, focusing on various aspects of gamma-ray detection and analysis, which provides an understanding of basic to more complex nuclear physics principles. All of these experiments can be executed completely with the Mirion instrumentation and specialized ancillary equipment offered in the two Lab Kits described above. Please note: most of the recommended radioactive sources must be obtained separately and are readily available from educational source providers if not already owned.

The Laboratory Manual and kits greatly simplify the purchase of equipment and implementation of these experiments (plus other experiments of your own design). They can be used to create individual student workstations or a central demonstration station, depending on available space and budget. And, of course, lab expansion is just as simple as adding more kits as your needs dictate.

Check out our full list of lab experiments: click here

Choose from two Lab Kit configurations:


Starter kit for Experiments 1-5
  • Osprey Digital MCA
  • ProSpect Gamma Spectroscopy Software
  • 802 2x2 NaI Detector
  • LabKIT-Table: Angular scattering table and base plate, NaI 2"x2" detector shielding, source collimation for LABKIT-SR-CS137, scattering pillar, and absorber holder
  • LabKIT-Abs: Sets of 4 generic absorber materials, including aluminum, copper, lead, and polyethylene
  • LabKIT-SR-Cs137: 15 MBq (0.5 mCi) Cs-137 source capsule, for use with the LABKIT-Table assembly


Supplement the starter kit to complete Experiments 6-12

Lab Experiments

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