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Showcasing Innovation at the 2023 World Nuclear Exhibition

Mirion Technologies is proud to participate in the World Nuclear Exhibition in Paris, showcasing connected solutions for nuclear power plants. Aligned with the event theme of “Connecting the Future,” in our booth we’re highlighting how Mirion Technologies products support your team through:

Advancing Radiation Safety.

At Mirion Technologies, we partner with industry leaders to advance radiation safety and empower the next wave of critical innovation. From detection and measurement to monitoring and analysis, we empower innovators across industries with radiation safety technologies that operate with the highest levels of precision. We partner with our customers to build solutions that deliver complete confidence in safe operations and harness the transformative power of safer radiation to move our world forward.

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Connecting the Future

Browse this page for details on products featured in our WNE booth.

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Featured Presentation: Mirion Connected Electronic Dosimetry Vision

28 November, 12:00 | Workshop Room 2

Join Olivier Bleuse, Mirion Electronic Dosimetry Product Line Manager, for an exciting presentation highlighting the new DMC 3000™ Bluetooth® Module. Explore our Mirion-connected ecosystem, discover the value of these technologies, and gain insights into the future of electronic dosimetry.


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