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Genie™ 4.0 and Apex® Products Operating System and Database Qualifications

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Genie 4.0 and Apex Products Compatibility Matrix

Last Updated: 11/16/23

Base Model/Name Windows 10 Windows 11 Windows Server 2019 Windows Server 2022 SQL Server 2019 SQL Server 2022 Oracle 19c
Genie / Genie™ Spectroscopy Suite
Version: 4.0
Legacy Product Model(s):
S500/S502/S504 Genie Basic
S501 Gamma Analysis
S505 Genie Quality Assurance
S506 Genie Interactive Peak Fit
S509 Alpha Analysis
S561 Genie Batch Programming
Genie-FieldPro™ Software
GenieLite / GenieLite Basic Spectroscopy
Version: 4.0
Legacy Product Model(s):
S500/S502/S504 Genie Basic
ISOCS / ISOCS™/LabSOCS™ Mathematical Efficiency Software
Version: 4.5
Legacy Product Model(s):
S574 LabSOCS
Apex-InVivo / Apex-InVivo™ Desktop / Workstation
Version: 1.3
Legacy Product Model(s):
S734 Apex-InVivo Workstation
AIV-Server / Apex-InVivoServer Software
Version: 1.3
Legacy Product Model(s):
S738 Apex-InVivo Server
AIV-Review / Apex-InVivo Review Client
Version: 1.3
Legacy Product Model(s):
S735 Apex-InVivo Review Client
Apex-Alpha / Apex-Alpha™ Software
Version: 1.4
Legacy Product Model(s):
S770 Apex-Alpha Desktop
S771 Apex-Alpha Server
S772 Apex-Alpha Client
MGAU / Multi-Group Analysis for Uranium (MGAU™) Software
Version: 4.3
Legacy Product Model(s):
MGA / Multi-Group Analysis (MGA™) Software
Version: 10.1
Legacy Product Model(s):
S508 MGA
Apex-Gamma / Apex-Gamma™ Software
Version: 1.5.1
Legacy Product Model(s):
S700 Apex-Gamma Desktop
S701 Apex-Gamma Server
S702 Apex-Gamma Client
S703 Apex-Gamma NPP Option
Apex-Guard / Apex-Guard™ Option
Version: 1.1
Legacy Product Model(s):
S707 Apex-Guard
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Product qualification, at time of qualification, for each indicated operating system and configuration is in compliance with the following standards:

ISO 9001, ASME NQA-1c-1992, ASME NQA-2-1990 Part 2.7, and latest revision of IEEE 730.1.

Please note: NDA 2000™ software will continue to require Genie 2000 Version 3.4.1 until further notice.

Supported MCAs in Genie Software and Apex Products

The below graphic indicates the years when Mirion MCAs were manufactured (solid bars), and continued support within Genie software after end of MCA manufacturing (thin line).

Genie 4 color chart

Genie 4.0 is qualified with the following devices:

Osprey® DTB

InSpector™ 2000

Falcon 5000® Instrument


Lynx® MCA

Lynx® II DSA

Multiport II™ MCA

Alpha Analyst™ Spectrometer

Aegis™ Portable HPGe Spectrometer

Sample Changers

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