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Apex-Gamma Variable Geometry with LabSOCS.

Upon its initial release, the Apex-Gamma Lab Productivity Suite broke the mold of conventional gamma spec operations. Workflow gains continue today.

Tag Features

  • Comprehensive operation and management for the production-oriented gamma spectroscopy sample-counting lab
  • Designed for labs with large numbers of routine gamma samples
  • Distributed, multi-user functionality provides access and control of the system from any client workstation
  • Sample database tracks samples through log-in, counting and data review
  • Flexible calibration capabilities, including scheduling, confirmation report and cross-check reports
  • Broad QA capabilities, including scheduling, failure response and intra-lab comparison reporting
  • Data review and reanalysis capabilities, for routine and non-routine evaluation of assay results
  • Comprehensive event logging records every event on the system – with flexible recall
  • Granular, role-based security system controls to manage access to system functions
  • Genie™ Gamma Spectroscopy Software provides industry-proven analysis capabilities
  • Support for Oracle and SQL Server database facilities


Upon introduction, Apex-Gamma software enabled the integration of the gamma counting system into the complete operation of the laboratory. With this advance, we moved beyond the system as a functionally-isolated instrument offering only basic counting, calibration and QA capabilities. Instead, we set a foundation for replacing manual and offline processes with seamless, built-in functionality.

With Apex-Gamma software, users can easily access the complete status of a multi-detector system, quickly find samples to be counted, and log them directly from the sample preparation area. The software also helps ensure calibration and QA schedules are met, and monitors results. If something goes wrong, it automatically takes appropriate action.

Watch - Apex-Gamma Variable Geometry with LabSOCS

This 9 minute video discusses the Apex-Gamma enhancement called Variable Geometry, and why it may be of value to a laboratory and other gamma spectroscopy users in production environments.

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