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Team Building at Olen

After more than two years of social distancing, finally the opportunity arose to organize a team building activity for the entire Mirion team working out of the Olen facility in Belgium.

On October 7, 2022, a group of 41 employees took part in an afternoon of farm-themed games at a nearby location. They were divided into six teams and competed against each other in six different games. All games included a great deal of teamwork and were suitable for every age and fitness level. In the end, a winning team was announced which received a trophy to take home.

After the excitement of the afternoon, the day was not over yet! All employees and their families were invited for an evening of food, drinks and entertainment. A big barbeque was catered with a bounce house and games for the kids, and a live band set the atmosphere for an evening of celebration. All this was meant to celebrate, although belated, the 40 years of existence of the Canberra Olen site in 2021.

Organization of the entire day was coordinated by the Olen Party Committee. Along with volunteers from various departments, they built an entire tent location on site and made sure everything went smoothly. The day was a great success thanks to the participation of everyone involved and all the wonderful people at the Olen site.

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