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What is Dosimetry?

The classification of your exposed employees determines whether they must permanently carry a dosimeter.

In other cases you may decide to do this voluntarily. Sometimes it is sufficient to monitor certain areas with dosimeters. In all cases, with our services you can always demonstrate that you fulfill your duty of care as an employer.

You can easily do business with Mirion Dosimetry Services via the web application. You can manage your subscriptions online via this application. For example, you can add, change or unsubscribe dosimeter subscriptions and change the ascription of employees. Adjustments to your subscriptions are processed immediately. In addition, dose reports can be requested. Periodic reports will be made available online as a PDF file before the next wearing period starts.

You can register at Mirion Dosimetry Services for a subscription to dosimeters. You can also contact us for other forms of dosimetry, such as extremity dosimeters (wrists, hands) or room dosimeters .

Mirion Dosimetry Services provides dosimeters to its customers on the basis of recognition granted by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, as referred to in Article 8, first paragraph, of the Radiation Protection Decree.

Manage your dosimetry subscriptions easily online:

  • request or change your subscriptions
  • change name
  • request reports


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