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Dosimetry Products

You can contact Mirion Dosimetry Services for various dosimetry services.

The dosimeters are intended for persons who perform work with X-ray equipment, accelerators, radioactive substances or other equipment. With this help it is possible to determine the extent to which you are exposed to ionizing radiation. In this way it can be demonstrated that dose limits are not exceeded.

Mirion Dosimetry Services offers you the following services:

  1. TLD Photon dosimeter
  2. DIS Photon Dosimeter (available soon)
  3. Beta/Photon dosimeter
  4. Neutron dosimeter
  5. Extremities Dosimeter (ring)
  6. Explanation of eye lens dosimeter (Download Information Guide)
  7. Additional personalized dosimeter
  8. Space dosimeter
  9. Radon measurements in the living and working environment
  10. Aviation dose calculation
  11. Other


Mirion Dosimetry Services
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