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System (NDRIS) is the Dutch system for recording the radiation dose by radiological workers.

The information system has been in use since 1989 and is intended for registration of the occupationally acquired dose of ionizing radiation.

The NDRIS dose registration system is laid down in Article 91 of the Radiation Protection Decree (BS) and the management of NDRIS is carried out by NRG on behalf of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.

The NDRIS includes a registration of more than one hundred thousand employees, of which a total of fifty thousand people are registered as active. Actively registered are those from whom data regarding their exposure is received annually.

Article 92 of the Radiation Protection Decree stipulates that the entrepreneur is responsible for reporting the measured or determined doses to the manager of the NDRIS. The recognized dosimetry service of Mirion Dosimetry Services takes this worry off your hands and automatically forwards your dose data to NDRIS.


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