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Genie 4.0 Software

Evolve your spectroscopy operations and drive more accurate results.

Smarter Design for All

With the new Genie 4.0 software, we have built upon nearly 40 years of experience supporting the comprehensive spectroscopy needs of customers in 90+ countries worldwide.

We are pleased to introduce significant new enhancements across the platform, while maintaining compatibility with existing users’ Genie 2000 processes.

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Enhancements at a Glance

New interactive reports save you time when reviewing results.

Genie 4.0 software offers a fresh and convenient new way to interact with measurement data, leading to streamlined decision making.

  • Quickly access comprehensive measurement, geometry, and analysis information
  • Directly review peak quality and fitting from nuclide results in the report
  • Sortable columns, toggling features, and collapsible sections allow easier and faster detailed data review
  • Expand sections to see easy-to-review nuclide results integrated with energy line detail

Improved uncertainty calculations for correlations in calibration standards.

Relevant for high precision measurement when a multi-line calibration source is used, Genie 4.0 software provides a new treatment for uncertainty propagation. Users now can identify correlations from their calibration standard, leading to more rigorously accurate results.

Download Correlation Application Note

New FWHM calibration curve for best fidelity to detector resolution.

By request from globally recognized experts, Genie software now includes a new function that has been shown to more accurately model observed resolution as a function of energy for semiconductor detectors, including HPGe. Greater accuracy can improve the effectiveness of the peak locate algorithm at particularly high or low energies and – in some scenarios – can drive a more accurate MDA.

Download FWHM Application Note

Integrated Python® scripting enables flexible automation.

Incorporate Python scripting directly into your analysis sequence file to improve automation of tasks, perform custom calculations, or seamlessly transfer data or results to another application.

View the Python Resources

N42 files are now supported.

Genie 4.0 software now supports reading of N42 files, enabling advanced spectral review of data collected from common RIIDs and supervisory systems.

More applications are now included.

The Genie 4.0 Spectroscopy Software Suite now includes the Quality Assurance utility, the Interactive Peak Fit feature, and Genie-FieldPro™ simplified sample counting software in all standard licenses. In addition, the release includes support for the Aegis™ Portable HPGe Spectrometer, additional nuclides in the Cascade summing correction library, various bug fixes, and other maintenance improvements.

Featured Highlight: Interactive Reports

Genie 4.0 Interactive Reports

Redefined Models for Consolidated Value and Ease of Ordering

Genie Spectroscopy Suite Offerings

Include Activity Calculations, MDA Results, QA/QC, Interactive Peak Fit, Genie-FieldPro™ software, and more.

  • Genie-Single | Acquisition and Full Activity analysis for one-detector systems
  • Genie-Multi | Acquisition and Full Activity analysis for multiple detector systems (Required for Apex® products)

GenieLite™ Offerings

Provide an acquisition-only solution for users who do not need activity calculations.

  • GenieLite-Single | Acquisition and Peak Analysis only for a single input
  • GenieLite-Multi | Acquisition and Peak Analysis only for multi-input

ISOCS™ Option

ISOCS™/LabSOCS™ Mathematical Efficiency Calibration Software

  • A powerful option enabling activity and MDA calculations without source-based efficiency

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