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ISOCS™ / LabSOCS™ Calibration Methodology

Quickly and accurately obtain high quality efficiency calibrations for a wide range of geometries — in-situ or in a laboratory.


ISOCS calibrations have been deployed in 6,000+ gamma spectroscopy systems, with hundreds of Verification and Validation (V&V) references. Established for 25+ years, ISOCS software offers extensive geometry modeling templates, and options for customization, available directly within the Genie™ and Apex-Gamma™ environments.


Over the years, mathematical modeling techniques like ISOCS calibrations have been approved in regulations such as US NRC Reg 1.21, ASTM C26.10 – NDA Techniques, and more. Additionally, full factory detector characterizations provide traceability to use NIST-traceable and DAKKS-certified calibration sources.

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ISOCS software unlocks in-situ possibilities, reducing the time-consuming and tedious process of extracting samples and sending them to the laboratory for analysis. And when in the laboratory, ISOCS software greatly reduces the cost of purchasing, tracking, and disposing of radioactive standards.

ISOCS software reduces source inventory (cost and ALARA), offers flexibility for unexpected sample geometries, and drives more accurate results.

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Key Features & Applications

  • 30+ application-targeted geometry templates — quickly model sample or measurement shots
  • 3D Geometry Composer — easy-to-use visualization of modeled geometry for better confidence and accuracy
  • ISOCS Uncertainty Estimator — supports sensitivity studies and TMU calculations
  • Complex Beaker Editor — precision modeling and better sample container fidelity

ISOCS/LabSOCS software has wide application for in-situ measurement of contaminated materials/areas in place, after removal from facility, final status measurement prior to release from area, and general demolition activities.

ISOCS supports:

  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Laboratories
  • Decontamination and Decommissioning
  • Emergency Response
  • Food Monitoring

Sourceless Efficiency Calibration Software

With ISOCS software, there’s no need to calibrate with radioactive reference standards. It integrates with hand-held spectrometers and multi-detector assay systems to provide quantitative and qualitative results.

Simply count your samples, define your geometries, and analyze data on your PC — reducing actual time in the field or lab.

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Boost your Genie Software

The new Genie 4.0 software builds upon nearly 40 years of experience supporting comprehensive spectroscopy, with significant new enhancements across the platform, while maintaining compatibility with existing users’ Genie 2000 processes.

ISOCS software is a powerful addition to the Genie Spectroscopy Suite. Efficiency calibration curves can be pre-calculated and loaded for a given detector, or they can be calculated on the fly with each sample peak efficiency value calculated directly from an ISOCS model – no interpolation needed.


With Genie software and the ISOCS option, users can choose their preferred licensing model: 1-year, 3-year, or perpetual.

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Genie 4.0 software evolves your spectroscopy operations and drives more accurate results. Learn about the latest enhancements to this software suite.

Gamma Spectroscopy Technologies

Mirion’s in-situ measurement product line includes a full complement of gamma spectroscopy systems and detector technologies from hand-held scintillation detector spectrometers to cart-based, high resolution HPGe spectroscopy systems. The products cover a full range of portability, sensitivity and spectral resolution capabilities. Many of these technologies are used in Mirion's automated waste assay systems.

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ISOCS characterization of radionuclide activities calculation for complicated geometries is available with the Aegis™ Transportable HPGe Spectrometer


The ISOCS Shield optimizes convenience and functionality for in-situ gamma spectroscopy with a germanium detector. With 25 mm and 50 mm lead shielding, this system offers flexibility for use of the sensitivity and low background capabilities of a laboratory grade germanium spectrometer directly on site.

All of the physical dimensions of this system are pre-loaded into the ISOCS software for easy selection.

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