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Mirion Technologies (IST France), Inc.

Mirion Technologies IST France has become a foremost global authority in electrical penetrations for nuclear reactor containment structures. IST France was founded in 2004 when the Esterline Group combined the Nuclear Division of AUXITROL with the IST Group.
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50 Years of Expertise in the Nuclear Industry

Comprised of a young team of experts, the company has developed a strong leadership position in the industry while generating new, innovative applications. In the context of the EPR (European Pressurized Reactor), Mirion Technologies (IST France) has developed a range of specific products for use in severe accident conditions.

  • 50 years of expertise in the nuclear industry
  • A leader in its field
  • Young team of experts
  • Serving the entire EDF nuclear power plant network
  • International nuclear power plants
  • Pioneering new innovative applications

Why Choose Mirion IST France?

References since 1970

  • The entire EDF nuclear power plant network.
  • Nuclear power plants in Belgium, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, South Korea, South Africa, China, and more.

Recent Projects

  • EPR Flamanville 3

  • EPR Olkiluoto 3

  • EPR Taishan 1&2

  • EPR Hinkley Point C1&2

Codes & Standards

The electrical penetration assemblies by IST France comply with international codes and standards:


As well as most national and local regulations (YVL, GOST, etc.).


We are a qualified supplier for EDF, AREVA, TRACTEBEL, and CNPEC.


Electrical Penetrations for Nuclear Power Plant Containment Structures

Electrical Penetrations enable the passage of all types of cables through the containment structure, maintaining the integrity of the sealing in all operational scenarios (normal or during an accident), while simultaneously ensuring the continuity of electrical circuits.

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Connectors & Severe Accident Connections

Mirion IST France has developed special connections with mineral-insulated cables, as well as connectors and electrical penetration modules to ensure data transmission in the event of a severe accident resulting from reactor core meltdown.

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Severe Accident Thermocouples

Severe accident thermocouples are applications directly derived from severe accident Lines. They are used for specific purposes such as detecting vessel rupture, monitoring the operation of hydrogen recombiners, and more.

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Fault Processing Cabinets

Any change in the state of a contact inside the reactor building is transformed into an audible and visual signal according to a standardized sequence. The signal is transmitted to the control room and displayed on the control panel. Fault processing cards are grouped in cabinets with their protections and flashers. They are assembled on racks using connectors with card guides. The Fault Processing Cabinets are qualified for seismic resistance.


On-Site Training

IST France is approved by the Regional Prefecture of the Centre Region under License Number 24-18-01044-18.

  • Installation Training for Electrical Penetrations
  • Installation Training for "Severe Accident" Lines
  • Maintenance Training for Electrical Penetrations

On-Site Technical Assistance

Mirion Technologies (IST France) provides on-site technical assistance for the installation of Electrical Penetrations. Typically, the first visit is conducted at the beginning of the installation to help the installer use the procedures and specifications, as well as specific tools.

A second visit is carried out at the end of the installation to review non-conformities and verify the sealing of the electrical penetrations.

On-Site Sealing Inspection

Mirion Technologies (IST France) offers on-site sealing inspection services for Electrical Penetrations, conducted by two experts with the necessary nuclear authorizations and certifications.