Occupational Dosimetry

Ongoing monitoring of radiation exposure from x-ray machines and other medical devices. With wireless monitoring, some of these products allow for real-time streaming of radiological data.

Instadose Personal Radiation Monitoring & Reporting

Pushing the boundaries of personal dosimetry with Instadose+™ dosimeters.

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Passive Dosimetry Solutions

Passive dosimeters measure the radiation exposure of the wearer over time.

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X-Ray Badges and Rings

Radiation badge services and specialty dosimeters for a variety of applications.

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Radiological Simulated Training
Simulation Technology for Radiation Safety Training. 
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Calibration Services

Calibrations performed by qualified experts on each type of Mirion equipment.

Product Support and Repairs

Technical support and repairs for your Mirion products.

Instadose Dosimetry Services (X-ray badges)

Simplified dose readings via iPhone, iPad, or PC at any time with the Instadose®+ dosimeter.