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USB-Compatible, On-Demand Dosimeter

The only accredited USB-compatible dosimeter enabling anytime radiation dose measurements. 

Direct Ion Storage (DIS) device

Tag Features

  • Immediate online access to current and historical exposure dose data and reports
  • Unlimited dose reads
  • Increased compliance from user engagement, buy-in and empowerment
  • Reduced costs and administration work from eliminating the need to collect and mail back old badges and receive and redistribute new ones
  • Versatile reassignment capabilities
  • Each dosimeter has a unique serial number for identification
  • Perform dose reads anytime, in just three steps
    1. Log-in to www.instadose.com
    2. Connect the Instadose dosimeter to the USB port
    3. Click “Read Device” on the main screen


Only Accredited USB Dosimeter

The only accredited USB-compatible dosimeter that allows wearers to measure their radiation dose anytime using an internet-enabled PC. This breakthrough technology provides precise measurement of radiation dose and accurate, long-term exposure tracking.

Plug-In & Read

Access dose results at your fingertips with no mailing, no waiting, no time wasted.


By keeping your badge and skipping the shipping and manual processing steps, you’re helping to reduce the world’s carbon footprint.

Account Management Portal

Login to your Instadose account for instant access to your dose readings.

Instant. Precise. Smarter.

Pushing the boundaries of personal dosimetry with Instadose+™ dosimeters.


Description: Direct Ion Storage (DIS) Technology

Size & Weight:

  • 2.5 x 0.75 in. (6.35 x 1.91 cm)
  • Weight: 0.8 oz (0.02 kg)

Badge Type: 31 = Instadose 1

Accreditations/Approvals/Licenses: In the United States under NVLAP (lab code: 100555-0) in the UK under HSE (DS 49/2010) and various other country accreditations/approvals.

Minimum Reportable Dose:

  • 3 mrem (0.03 mSv)
  • 1 mrem (0.01 mSv) upon request

Lower Limit of Detection: 1 mrem (0.01 mSv)

Useful Dose Range: 1 mrem - 500 rem* (0.01 mSv - 5 Sv)

Energy Response: Photon 5 keV - 6 MeV

Temperature Range: Best if used and stored in indoor, room temperate environments between 50-86 °F (10-30 °C)

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