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Wireless Dual-Detector Dosimeter


Wirelessly capture, transmit, measure, analyze, and report radiation dose exposure ON-DEMAND. Know your results NOW. 

Tag Features

  • On-demand dose results and unlimited dose reads
  • Measurements based upon two proprietary technologies —Direct Ion Storage (DIS) and SmartMonitoring™ — that enable high sensitivity and accuracy
  • Automatic, calendar-set reading intervals for dose trending
  • Automated email notifications when a dose exceeds a user specified level or when communication is overdue
  • Immediate online badge reassignments and account management
  • Immediate visibility of dose data (current and historical exposures) on your smart device or PC (requires proximity to an enabled transmission source)
  • Improves compliance and reduces program monitoring costs
  • Protected Personal Information (PPI) safe as no personal information is contained on or transmitted by the dosimeter


Simplify Administration

Wirelessly capture, transmit, measure, analyze, and report radiation dose exposure ON-DEMAND. Know your results NOW. And spend less time receiving and returning badges and more time on your core responsibilities.

Reduce Costs & Carbon Footprint

Eliminate the badge return process to save resources and shipping costs, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Dual Detectors for Photon & Beta

Instadose2 dosimeter has dual detectors for independent Hp(10) and Hp(0.07) measurements for photon and beta radiation sources.

Dose managment platform

Account Management Portal

Login to your Instadose account for instant access to your dose readings.

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Instant. Precise. Smarter.

Pushing the boundaries of personal dosimetry with Instadose+ dosimeters.



  • Dual Detectors [Deep: Hp(10) and Shallow: Hp(0.07)]
  • Direct Ion Storage (DIS) Technology
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology

Size & Weight:

  • 2 x 2 in. (5.08 x 5.08 cm)
  • Weight: 0.8 oz (0.02 kg)

Badge Type: 38


  • US: NVLAP (lab code 100555-0)
  • Various other countries

Minimum Reportable Dose (MRD) & Useful Dose Range: 10 mrem - 500 rem* (0.1 mSv - 5 Sv)

Energy Response:

  • Photon 5 keV - 6 MeV
  • Beta ≥ 0.8 MeV

Temperature Range: Best if used and stored in indoor, room temperate environments between 50-86 °F (10-30 °C)

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