Laboratory & Scientific Analysis Systems

High precision instruments for detection and analysis of sample radioactivity, identification of radionuclide and quantification of activity used in laboratories, research, education, defense and NPPs.


High, medium and low resolution detectors to suit any gamma spectroscopy application and budget.

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Criticality Accident Alarm Systems

A Criticality Accident Alarm System (CAAS) is an alarm system for prompt evacuation of personnel in the event of a criticality event.

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Gamma Spectroscopy

High, medium and low-resolution detector systems, signal processing electronics, and spectroscopy software for the qualification and quantification of gamma emitting nuclides.

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Safeguards Products

Solutions developed and supported by our staff offering extensive and diverse experience in this field. We are committed to providing the best technologies for the ever-changing demands related to safeguarding nuclear materials.

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Alpha Spectroscopy

 Turnkey alpha spectroscopy solutions for production “batch mode” environments as well as lower volume research environments.

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In-Vivo Counting

Systems designed to provide whole body and lung counting capabilities.

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Alpha/Beta Counting

Automatic and manually-controlled low background alpha/beta counting systems. 

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Spectroscopy & Counting Labs

Spectroscopic and radiochemistry solutions for laboratory, field, and personnel applications with experts located throughout the world to provide local support and address any measurement needs.

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Measurement & Expertise

Partnering with you for more efficient and cost-effective nuclear measurements.

Calibration Services

Calibrations performed by qualified experts on each type of Mirion equipment.

Customer Training Programs

Our training facility, your site, or online, our experts are ready to assist with your learning and knowledge needs.


Our Field Service Engineers ensure a qualified installation of your instrument and software.

Product Support and Repairs

Technical support and repairs for your Mirion products.

Consulting Services

Our extensive global network of experts can provide local operational support, technical support, and a wide range of consulting services.