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Continuous or Triggered Spectroscopic Monitoring Platform

Data analyst spectroscopic monitoring platform

The Data Analyst system is a continuous spectroscopic monitoring solution designed to provide valuable insights to site operators and maintenance personnel.

Tag Features

  • Integrates standard Genie™ software for detailed spectral analysis
  • Provides nuclide identification and quantification with continuous trend monitoring
  • Allows for simultaneous multi-analysis with variable count times, libraries, and parameters
  • Incorporates ISOCS™ software for precise efficiency calibrations in complex geometries
  • Designed for hands-off operation after initial setup
  • High-capacity storage retains extensive data records for long-term analysis
  • Compatible with Lynx® II DSA, Osprey® Tube Base MCA, and GR1™ spectrometers among others
  • Includes EcoGamma™ monitoring for real-time dose rate assessments
  • Captures data from additional sensors, including temperature and pressure, for comprehensive analysis
  • Offers a web-based GUI for configuration and accessing trend data
  • Facilitates immediate data export to FTP servers for remote access
  • Supports versatile triggering modes for tailored data acquisition
  • Implements nuclide activity alarms for proactive safety management
  • Features adaptable GPIOs for extended operational flexibility


The Data Analyst system is a continuous spectroscopic monitoring solution designed to provide valuable insights to site operators and maintenance personnel. Eliminate the necessity for labor-intensive, risk-prone manual sampling with fully automated nuclide sampling and continuous nuclide monitoring to protect worker safety and make real-time decisions with confidence.

  • Reduce worker exposure risk
  • Track nuclide activity in real time
  • See risk signals and respond sooner

Key Benefits

Automated gamma spectroscopic sampling — Once set up and activated, the Data Analyst system runs autonomously, supporting various triggering methods (continuous, at defined time points, or on-demand) and allowing multiple (1-100 s) simultaneous workflows following easily customizable data collection intervals.

Flexible data collection & storage — Continuously record data such as dose rate, temperature, pressure, location, stack flow rate and sample flow rate from a variety of devices. Store data locally — as well as transmitting live data to real-time monitoring systems.

Continuous nuclide activity monitoring & alerting — Embedded Genie™ software accelerates data processing for real-time monitoring and analysis of nuclide-specific results. Get automated alerts based on pre-set thresholds to detect abnormal conditions — earlier and more reliably.

Centralized dashboard & remote access — Intuitive web-based platform visualizes nuclide activity trends and predicts future conditions. Access this data and get alerts — anytime, anywhere.

Pattern B Edge

The Data Analyst System seamlessly integrates into a variety of applications — so site operators and maintenance personnel can make timely, informed decisions.

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