Location Telemetry Module (LTx)

For the DMC 3000™ Dosimeter
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Location Telemetry Module (LTx)

For the DMC 3000™ Dosimeter
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Expand the functionality of your DMC 3000™ Electronic Dosimeter and WRM2™ telemetry system with positioning data using the Orion™ Real-Time Location System. 

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Allows direct connection to existing populations of DMC 3000 dosimeters (G3 Version 7.8.x or greater)

  • Integrates directly with the dosimeter
  • Workers do not need to wear separate cards or equipment for transmission of location tracking data
  • Communicates with both Orion RTLS anchors and existing WRM systems
  • Configurable for the WRM3 Protocol allowing it to transmit the DMC thresholds, wearer name, ID, RWP and task
  • Omnidirectional Antenna for the Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Technology used for accurate tracking
  • Transmits radiological information in pre-configured intervals to WRM receivers
  • Independent module power supply: AAA battery
  • Designed for ruggedness and durability
  • Waterproof IP67 (1 m per 1 hour)


Part of the Orion™ RTLS ecosystem, the purpose of the Location Telemetry (LTx) Module is to provide an additional real-time location feature and to transmit worker data (worker information, gamma radiological data and setpoints) to WRM Telemetry Systems. The LTx module is also backward compatible with WRM2™ Telemetry system and can be used as an enhanced telemetry module with capabilities for location tracking.

Orion RTLS enhances the established technology of the DMC 3000 dosimeter when fitted with an LTx module. The LTx module supports the transmission of WRM radiological information and location coordinates, tracking the wearer’s location. The dosimeter, with the LTx module, communicates dose rate and location data with Orion Studio Software to facilitate real-time visualization.

The Orion Real-Time Location System, or RTLS, helps support Critical Path activities by tracking people and the primary assets required for these tasks. It reduces radiation exposure by providing better tracking of personnel and dose rates. It supports better ALARA planning by providing accurate time and motion information along with dose, rate, and location status of workers.

Although the LTx module has been specifically designed as the most advanced addition to the Mirion Telemetry family, it features seamless communication with all existing WRM telemetry receivers for telemetry-only functionality.


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