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Orion Real-Time Location System Component


The Orion RTLS Anchor actively communicates with integrated Orion products including DMC 3000™ LTx and Orion Asset Tags, to track the location of the dosimeter, equipment and critical assets.

Tag Features

  • Ultra-Wideband enabled RF communication
  • PoE enabled functionalities
  • IPv4 networking
  • Daisy Chainable network connections for power and communications from one PoE+ port
  • Available wall or ceiling mounts


The Orion Real-Time Location System supports Critical Path activities by providing postion data for compatible devices (e.g. Dosimeters and Asset Tags). Anchors are placed throughout the monitored area to capture and relay location data for visualization on a monitoring station. Installation is simple, using a daisy chain RJ45 configuration with Power Over Ethernet (PoE) connections. For temporary mounting installations, anchors have an available magnetic mount for rapid deployment and removal.

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