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Orion™ Asset Tag

Orion Real-Time Location System Component

The Orion RTLS Asset Tag actively communicates by ultra-wideband to other integrated Orion products to track the location of equipment and assets.

Tag Features

  • Track critical items such as replacement components, tools, drums, lead blankets, equipment cases, HEPA Filters and other critical path items
  • Track warehouse items for storage of high value and critical inventory
  • Rugged and watertight
  • One-meter location accuracy
  • Two-year battery life with AA alkaline batteries


Asset tags are a key component of the Orion system, allowing facilities to track the location of essential tools and equipment throughout a monitored facility. The tag transmits location data, eliminating challenges caused by lost equipment. Asset tags are rugged, watertight and offer a two-year battery life.

The Orion RTLS Asset Tag actively communicates with the Orion Anchor Network to track the location of equipment and assets. Locations are actively displayed and monitored within corresponding views via the Orion Studio Software. Asset Tags are able to be categorized, filtered and specified through the system. Information is relayed from the Asset Tags, through the Anchors, to the Orion Studio Software. Never lose critical Assets needed for supporting operations.

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