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Active Dive Antenna

Teledosimetry Data Transmission

Waterproof underwater antenna for transmitting electronic dosimeter in an dive environment.

Tag Features

  • Compatible with WRM2™ Base Stations, Mesh Repeaters, etc.
  • Eliminates Crosstalk Interference with multiple divers simultaneously in the water
  • Utilizes waterproof (AMP-type) cable
  • Antenna power is provided by the Dive Repeater (typically AC)
  • Externally connected to diver – does not breach dry dive suit
  • Available in 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz frequency
  • Antenna is waterproof up to 100 feet depth


Mirion Technologies’ WRM2 Diving System has long been a nuclear industry standard for remote monitoring of divers. Originally consisting of an iMUX, passive Dive Antenna, and Dive Repeater, the system allows Radiation Protection personnel the ability to track dose rates at up to eight locations on a diver.

The revolutionary Active Dive Antenna has built on this functionality by providing its own WRM2 radio within the antenna paddle. In other words, the Active system doesn’t just transfer the WRM2 signal through the cable, it provides a POWERED BROADCAST of the signal – easily overcoming any loss potential.

The Active Dive System is ideal for higher frequencies and longer cable lengths.

Additionally, because each diver’s teledosimetry data is broadcast on their own “closed loop,” RP personnel can monitor multiple divers simultaneously without experiencing interfering crosstalk between the divers.

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