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C ionix™ - BXX

Installed Tritrium Monitor

Installed tritium monitor for workplace monitoring, decommissioning, stack release or other applications.

Tag Features

  • Performance
    • Self-checking
    • Continuous measurement
    • Integrated light and sound alarms
    • Response time below 75 seconds
    • Detection of tritium from 10 kBq/m3 (0.27 μCi/m3)
    • Possibility for automatic γ compensation
  • Simple
    • Ready to install
    • User-friendly interface
    • Transmission and alarms possible by dry contacts,
    • Modbus Ethernet...
  • Easy maintenance
    • Minimal intervention
    • Quick change components
    • Simple γ source verification of system


The C ionix monitor is used to measure continuous activity of tritium and other β emitters in gases for all applications of workplace monitoring, decommissioning, stack release or other applications.

Wall mounted, the C ionix monitor contains a complete, compact tritium monitoring channel that can be combined to a compensation channel.

The C ionix completes our range of monitors from the portable β ionix through the mobile M ionix by offering an installed solution ready to be connected in your plant.

As an option, the monitor can be used to separately and continuously measure the HTO activity of gases containing other β emitters such as noble gases. (see dedicated C ionix - HTO spec sheet).

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