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Mobile Tritium Detector


Mobile tritium detector for radioprotection, process control, environment monitoring, laboratory, decommissioning.

Tag Features

  • High-Performance
    • Self-checking
    • Continuous measurement
    • Response time under 3 min
    • Integrated light and sound alarms
    • Capability for automatic γ compensation
    • Detection of tritium from 10 kBq/m3 (0.27 μCi/m3)
  • Easy to use
    • Ready to install
    • Minimal intervention
    • User-friendly interface
  • Mobile
    • Lifting rings
    • Carrying handles
    • Rugged aluminum casing
    • Easily movable on various surfaces


The mobile tritium detector M ionix is used for continuous measurement of tritium levels and other β emitter gases in ambient air.

Due to its very good sensibility, its user-friendliness and its reliability, the M ionix mobile detector ensures the radioprotection of your teams and premises, during construction, dismantling or as a temporary replacement of a fixed monitor.

The M ionix benefits from the most advanced technologies developed by Mirion Technologies (PREMIUM Analyse):

  • HEPA filtration system,
  • DT ionix 3 interface with digital touchscreen,
  • Beta activity transmitter EXP40 with low noise preamplifier

Ready to use, the M ionix mobile detectors offer advanced functionalities such as: graphical plotting of data, data archiving, alarm carryover, data extraction via USB stick...

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