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Installed Tritium Monitor

C ionix exx

Installed tritium monitor for workplace monitoring, decomissioning, stack release or other applications.

Tag Features

  • High-performance
    • Self-checking
    • Continuous measurement
    • Response time below 3 minutes
    • Integrated light and sound alarms
    • Detection of tritium from 10 kBq/m3 (0.27 μCi/m3)
    • Possibility for automatic γ compensation
  • Simple
    • Ready to install
    • User-friendly interface
    • Transmission of alarms possible by dry contacts, Modbus Ethernet...
  • Easy maintenance
    • Minimal intervention
    • Quick change components
    • Simple γ source verification of system


The monitor C ionix measures continuous activity of tritium and other β emitters in gases for all applications of workplace monitoring, decomissioning, stack release or other applications.

Wall mounted, the C ionix monitor contains a complete, compact tritium monitoring channel that can be combined to a compensation channel.

The C ionix completes our range of monitors from the portable B ionix to the mobile M ionix by offering an installed solution ready to be connected in your plant.

As an option, the monitors can automatically compensate the γ environment due to a compensation detector that can be installed.

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