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C ionix™ - HTO

Installed Tritium Monitor

Installed HTO activity monitor for workplace monitoring, decommissioning, stack release and other applications.

Tag Features


  • Self-checking
  • Continuous measurement
  • Automatic γ compensation
  • Integrated light and sound alarms
  • Response time from 90 seconds
  • Detection of tritium from 20 kBq/m3 (0.54 μCi/m3)


  • Ready to install
  • User-friendly interface
  • Transmission and alarms possible by dry contacts, Modbus Ethernet...

Easy maintenance

  • Minimal intervention
  • Quick change components
  • Simple γ source verification of system


The monitor C ionix is used to measure continuous activity of tritium and other β emitters in a gas for all applications of workplace monitoring, decommissioning, stack release or other applications.

The HTO version can be used to separately and continuously measure the HTO activity of gases containing other β emitters such as noble gases, as well as HTO activity in a mixed gas of HT + HTO.

Typically made for use in research facilities and PHWR, they provide a precise and reliable measurement.

Due to the SAM (Membrane Separator) no additional waste is created. Moreover, there is no need for periodical consumable replacement as the SAM is made to be durable.

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