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Expanding use of life-saving theranostic isotopes combined with stricter regulations have made safety concerns in nuclear medicine greater than ever. Our selection of shielding solutions help fill the gap for essential radioprotection from preparation to administration.
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Leader in shielding, shipping and radioisotope administration.

We support revolutionary cancer treatments through better safety solutions and technology.

The Rise of Theranostics & Therapeutics

Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally, accounting for an estimated 9.6 million deaths, or one in six deaths, according to the World Health Organization (2018). As the fastest-growing discipline in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging, theranostics is revolutionizing treatment of cancer, and saving lives in the process. At the same time, better solutions are needed to reduce exposure to these high-energy radioisotopes and meet new regulatory standards.

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How We Can Help

Our Nuclear Medicine products comply with the highest requirements and regulations worldwide. They are committed to helping you meet the challenges of theranostics, providing comprehensive solutions that ensure patient and worker safety through every step of the treatment continuum.

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Radiopharmaceutical companies and research facilities at the forefront of targeted therapy development are seeing higher volumes of complex, time-sensitive – and sometimes, temperature-sensitive – compounds. Challenges will go beyond compliance to redesigning workstations for maximum efficiency.

We offer custom lead-lined laboratory furniture, shielding and storage, and more to help you customize dedicated workstations and increase throughput while maintaining a safe work environment and high product quality.


Doses for therapies have much higher radiation levels. Moving them requires rigorous safety standards to be met. Ground and/or air transportation is required, strictly following DOT/IATA safety regulations.

We help you comply with worker and public safety regulations with top-quality shipping systems that can accommodate very high-energy isotopes.

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All In One Hot Cell


Regulations such as USP <825> are resulting in a need for innovation. Systems capable of accommodating new devices such as Ga-68 generators in a Class 100 or an ISO Class 5 environment. Having proper material integrated is essential for high throughput and efficiency with theranostics.

Our hot cells, dose calibrators, L-blocks, lead bricks, lead-lined cabinets, dippers, forceps, syringe shields, waste management, to name a few, work together to create an ideal work environment.


From doctors and technologists to hospitals and cancer care centers, training is essential for personnel to properly handle high-radiation therapy doses. Complex and numerous manipulations will be required, and patient safety is a top priority.

Our CRC® dose calibrators and wipe test counters are intuitive and easy to use. Our experts assist with in-service training and are available to answer staff questions. We distribute products specially designed to further limit radiation exposure during unboxing, transferring, and more.

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Administering large, high-radiation therapy doses require added safety measures to limit harmful exposure to patients and workers. Cancer treatment centers and hospitals may require new innovations for administering doses safely and efficiently.

We provide efficient and reliable equipment, from dispensing systems to lead barriers, designed to limit exposure. Our products have undergone rigorous testing and follow the highest compliance standards to ensure physicians, technologists, nurses and patients are protected.

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