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Software Downloads

Release Date: 12/2/2015


Provides support for ISOCS Well Detector Characterizations to be installed and used with Apex-Gamma V1.4. This enables cascade summing corrections for the germanium well detector and (if S574 LabSOCS or S574 ISOCS is installed) ISOCS/LabSOCS mathematical efficiency calibrations in Apex-Gamma for well detectors. The following prerequisites are required for this patch:

  • S500/S502/S504 Genie 2000 Basic Spectroscopy V3.4
  • S501 Genie 2000 Gamma Analysis V3.4
  • Apex-Gamma V1.4
  • Custom ISOCS Detector characterization (Model ISOXCAL) for a Germanium Well detector


These patch files have been engineering tested only. They have not been formally verified and validated through a formal QA process. Users should exercise caution when using these patch files.

  • See the Patch_M3555580_Read_Me.pdf file in the ZIP file.
  • There are 4 Language Patches included in the main ZIP file (English, French, German, & Russian) Use the language file associated with your version.

Revision: E1.11 - 01/31/2015

New Features

  • New probe management:
    • SABG-30B
    • SN-D


New version for SABG-30B and SN-D

Revision Date: September 3, 2020

Use instrument upgrade procedure from user manual and USB memory stick directly on instrument
  • Add time zones

  • Fix bug with update file CRC calculation in case the selected file is smaller than 512 bytes.

  • AVIOR-2 can turn on when rapidly unplugging then plugging in the power supply
  • In screening mode, plugging a high power consumption probe can sometimes restart and change the channel of the other one.
  • In USB, going in PC connection after leaving USB stick menu doesn’t work the first time.
  • In Hand/Foot mode, enabling and disabling the presence sensor very quickly can result in unwanted behavior.
  • Using US units, Hand/Foot background noise measurement logs are in c/s.
  • Device is taking a few seconds to launch when unplugged.
  • Battery gauge errors aren’t managed, potentially bricking the device if the gauge itself is faulty.
  • If profiles are disabled and the device is locked, unlocking with technician/administrator password silently applies the technician/administrator restrictions even if the device still displays profiles as disabled (log files included).
  • With profiles disabled, the string “password” can appear in the profiles section of the log files under very rare circumstances.

  • This version is compatible with bootloader 1.2.3 and 1.2.4.

  • mip_avior_fw_1_3_1.bin
  • release note AVIOR-2 Mip-2.pdf

Revision: U1.11 - 01/31/2015

New Features

  • New probe management:
    • SABG-30B
    • SN-D


New version for SABG-30B and SN-D

- 06/27/2017 -


Upgrading from Version 3.1 only requires Nk.bn0 and CompressedCabFile_V3_2_Coll11.CAB to be used.

New Features:

  • Quality check uses c/s for SI unit, and in dpmeq for US unit
  • Internal data log can be disabled

Fixed Issues:

  • Colibri get stuck during the log off and log on process

Known Isuues:

  • Some Russian words translation is missing.
  • Loosing sound when Bluetooth Headset is out of range or turned off when connected
  • In manage user profile file menu Upload functionality doesn’t work


This version is compatible only with Colibri hardware V1.1. Look for the Colibri identification label. V1.1 must follow the part number. And this new hardware is not compatible with the previous versions.

  • This version is compatible with06/02/2017 nk.bn0 image
  • This version is compatible with 2.13 PIC version.
  • This version is compatible with 3.00 PIC bootloader version.
  • This version is compatible with 1.30 gauge firmware version.

Release Date: 10/15/2013


This driver is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8 for Colibri-TTC and Colibri-VLD all versions. You must install first the driver before you connect Colibri to the computer.

  • Installation instructions are included in the ZIP file

Problem description

The CP5-PLUS cooler is directly powered from an internal 48V DC power supply. Built-in cooler protection will automatically cut the cooler power supply whenever the internal 48V DC line drops below 45 V DC. Whenever such condition occurs, the controller remains in a locked state preventing the cooler from switching on again even if the voltage had dropped below 45 V just for a short time. A short random powerline dip can, therefore, cause the following reactions:

  • The cooler display will show the “V48 error, Cooler off” message;
  • The detector starts to warm up;
  • If no manual action is undertaken within typically 10-15 minutes, it requires a full thermal cycle before the detector is operational again.


The upgrade to firmware version 9501 836 04209 (x09) results in a different management of the power line dips:

  • The threshold to cut the cooler power supply is lowered from 45 to 40 V DC;
  • The controller starts to cool again when the voltage exceeds again 45 V DC;
  • A counter is implemented ensuring that the cooler does not keep restarting in case there is a real problem with the 48V internal voltage line.

Starting S/N 1549, all controllers will come from the supplier with the new firmware. Units in stock in Meriden and Olen as of December 2018 have already been upgraded.



Follow the procedure in the attached documents.


CSPS V3.01 required for this update.



Follow CSPS user manual upgrade procedure to load new firmware into CSP probe of interest.

This document describes the changes between previous firmware version and any known issues.

RELEASED VERSION: 91629_A_V-2011-01-24.HEX

· SA20 probe P/N: EM75270
· SA20-2 probe P/N: EM90062
· SA32 probe P/N: EM90666
· SB20 probe P/N: EM74672
· SAB100 probe P/N: EM75864
· SABG100 probe P/N: EM81833
· SA100 probe P/N: EM75863
· SB100/A probe P/N: EM75862
· SB100/B probe P/N: EM82069
· SG1-R probe P/N: EM75860
· SG2-R-A probe P/N: EM75861
· SX2-R-A probe P/N: EM78677
· SPAB15 probe P/N:EM78766

New Features:


Known Isuues:

HV failure not active for SPAB15 probe

The status bit 5, power supply failure, is not functional.


SG1-R and SG2-R probes can show a sporadic saturation due to a timing conflict between the analog to digital conversions made in the probe

The initialization time is now set to 30s instead of 20s. 20s was too short to cover the necessary stabilization time of some SG2-R probe

The period of FRAM integrity check is now set to 30s instead of 20s. Because it is
synchronized with the initialization bit


Need a CSPS version higher than V2.00B to uses the 'firmware update' and 'writing
defaults parameters' functions

Need a Radiagem firmware version higher than V2.19


Provides support for the DSA-1000 & InSpector 2000 MCAs with Genie 2000 v3.3 on Windows 7 64-bit operating systems. The following are updated:

  • The CIUSB kernel driver updated for Windows 7 64-bit support. The version of this driver is v2.71. 
  • The I2KUSB32.DLL protocol driver updated. 
  • DSA-1000 and InSpector 2000 .drd driver file location updated. 


This driver is fully qualified with Genie 2000 v3.3 under Windows XP SP3, Windows 7 SP1 32-bit, Windows 7 SP1 and Windows-2008 R2 64-bit operating systems and under English, French, German, and Russian installations.

  • Run a command prompt (cmd) as an administrator. Navigate to the installation media. Execute install.bat. After completion, restart the computer (even if not prompted).

Release Date: 7/15/2017 

This update is for peak fitting when applied to significantly large regions of interest. Specifically, this update will improve the Genie 2000 Sum / Non-Linear LSQ Fit peak area routine for regions of interest that are approximately 12 times or greater the full width at half maximum (FWHM) of a representative peak in the region. This typically occurs only for very complex spectra when a high density of nuclide peaks are generated. 

Please Note: 

Please note: This update is a fully qualified patch for Genie 2000. Updating this patch may affect nuclide results for Genie 2000 and layered applications, for example Apex-Gamma and NDA 2000.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Review the version of Genie 2000 that is installed.  
  2. The zip file contains multiple version update files. Unzip the file and you will find 2 zip files:  and If using Genie 2000 Version 3.4.1, open the file SPR_J4324940_V341_{Language}.zip for you desired language and then extract the file Panolin.dll to a temporary location. These can be identified by the File Version and Date Modified value of 13-Jun-2017. 
  3. If using Genie 2000 Version V3.2.1, V3.3, or V3.4, open the file SPR_J4324940_V321-34_{Language}.zip for you desired language and then extract the file Panolin.dll to a temporary location. These can be identified by the Date Modified value of 13-Jun-2017.
  4. Confirm that the Genie 2000 and related applications are not running.
  5. Navigate to the ExeFiles folder of the base Genie installation and rename the file “Panolin.dll” to create a backup.  For example, rename  “C:\Genie2k\ExeFiles\Panolin.dll” to “C:\Genie2k\ExeFiles\Panolin_orig.dll” 
  6. Place the downloaded and extracted file into the same location as above: C:\Genie2k\ExeFiles\
  7. Restart Genie 2000 and/or related applications.
  • See the instructions above

The link is to a ZIP file that contains the software installation file and a Read Me file. The download will start once you click the link. The file is over 45MB, so please give it some time to download. The software is access controlled, so you will need to create an account and request access to the software.

Release Date: 07/17/2013 

Thank you for purchasing the InSpector 1000 Digital Handheld MCA. This CD contains the following software and documentation (Note: only the front-end of the installer has changed since version 1.5.2)

Release V1.5.3

Support installation on Windows 7 64-bit. The Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows Mobile Device Center V6.1 (or ActiveSync 4.2 for machines running XP) will launch when selected from the main installation menu, depending on the Operation System. 

  • See the Installation Instructions in the Release_Notes_S562V153.pdf included in the ZIP file
  • The ZIP file is 69MB

Lynx V1.4 Firmware update is a complimentary maintenance update to the Lynx MCA.  This upgrade includes support for cosmic overload conditions and addresses several minor issues observed with the Lynx V1.3 web client application.  Please review the release notes for full details.

Release Date: 10/30/2013


Provides the Multiport II USB Genie 2000 driver for support on Windows 7 64-bit Operating Systems and Windows Server 2008 R2. This driver is compatible with Genie 2000 Version 3.3.


This release of the Multiport II USB driver (Version has been tested with Windows 7 x64 and Windows 2008 R2 using Genie 2000 Version 3.3. For Windows 7 x86 and Windows XP operating Systems, the Multiport II Version USB Driver should be used.

Version 3.3 of the Genie 2000 installation does not copy the Multiport II driver data files when installing on 64-bit operating systems. These files, DrMp2.DRD, MANUAL.DRD and PARALLEL.DRD are provided on the Multiport II driver installation disk and must be copied manually. The location for these files is the "C:\GENIE2K\DRIVERS\"; where "C:" would be replaced by the drive letter of the disk where Genie 2000 was installed. With these files in place you will be able to define Multiport II inputs using the Genie 2000 MCA Input Definition Editor.

Additionally the Genie 2000 installation does not create required registry entries for the Multiport II. The file MP2.reg is provided on the driver installation disk to create the required registry entries. Right click on the MP2.reg file and select the Merge operation to update the registry. Answer affirmatively to messages asking you if you really want to perform this update.

Release Date: 6/27/2014


This document provides information regarding the latest software and firmware release for the OSPREY MCA.

Major changes and bug fixes:

Incorporated a new default web configuration and status page, while maintaining backwards compatibility with the existing web page.

SPR C4116350 - Osprey Mass Storage can become corrupted resulting in device being un-usable

SPR C2361409 - BLR set to wrong value when dead time is between 50%-62%

SPR C9208285 - Device may crash if a requested parameter list includes a string parameter and elapsed time

SPR C3861219 - Exception handler added to allow device recovery from lockup

SPR C10119410 - Spectrum reconstruction affects List/TList performance

SPR C8763942 - Device may lock up during asynchronous GetSpectrum requests

SPR C2430991 - Error when GPIO Functions #22 and #27-29 selected

SPR V9732585 - AUX CNTR in Manual Dependent mode produce no data records

  • Install the USB drivers before connecting the OSPREY to the host computer. The installation is described in the user manual under Installing the USB Driver section. Driver installation is only required for Windows based systems. V1.0.4 Osprey firmware is compatible with all Osprey MCAs shipped prior to this release. Refer to the Osprey User's documentation for instructions updating your device.

The zip file contains the file needed to install a 20-day trial of Prospect. To install, follow the steps in the Installation Quick Start Guide in the zip file. 

  • On installation you will be prompted for a license file. Please note that you can run the software for a trial period of 20 days without a license file. If you wish to purchase a license during this period then please contact Mirion: or 1-800-243-3955.



This release IS NOT SUPPORTED by some old Radiagem 2000 / Radiagem 4000.

Please refer to the Release Notes (in zip file) to verify that your Radigem 2000/4000 is eligible for this revision.


New version for SABG-30B and SN-D



This release IS NOT SUPPORTED by some old Radiagem 2000 / Radiagem 4000.

Please refer to the Release Notes (in zip file) to verify that your Radigem 2000/4000 is eligible for this revision.


New version for SABG-30B and SN-D

Revision Number: 3.05.5

Revision Date: June 2020

Comments: CSW-31 software and PC cable link is needed to complete the upgrade.

Revision Changes/Additions: 

CSP Support Second Round

Added support for following CSP probes: SA-100, SA-32, SA-20-2, SAB-250, SAB-32, SB-32, SB-20, SB-100/B, SB-100/A, EASY-COUNT, SPAB-15, SN-D, SN-D-2, STTC, SVLD, TELE-STTC, SABG-15+, STTC-W

Following work with lithium batteries: SABS-579, SABP-525

Updated scaler functionality to support contamination CSP probes.



Follow CSPS user manual upgrade procedure to load new firmware into SN-S


No variation of the High Voltage value when you plot the High Voltage plateau with CSPS software

No variation of the discriminator value when you plot the discriminator curve with CSPS software



Needs CSPS software and PC cable for probe upgrade. Please refer to CSPS user manual for upgrade procedure

Revision Changes / Additions:

A specific firmware version does exist for the TTC module inside the Colibri product. This version is referenced 11_07_12.


Communication interruption during approximately 1s between 1mSv/h and 10mSv/h

Improved probe status handling

Improved the use of unit information in the CSP frame

Separate handling of range and microcontroller frequency



SVLD erratic saturation bug fixture

Revision Changes / Additions:

A specific firmware version does exist for the TTC module inside the Colibri product. This version is referenced 11_07_12.


Counting spike of a ¼ s :

  • with erratic time intervals
  • In a stable and low dose-rate level, the SVLD probe or the COLIBRI-VLD turns into saturation for a short time before returning to normal operation.


This version is compatible with CSPS V3.0.

This version is compatible with Colibri V2.6

This version is compatible with MIP10 Digital

This version is compatible with AVIOR v.1.09

This version is compatible with Radiagem 2000 v.2.25

This version is compatible with Radiagem 4000 v.4.25


If CSPS cannot communicate with the VLD module (SVLD or COLIBRI-VLD), you need to apply the VLD FIX to allow connection to CSPS. Please, follow each step describes in attached release note.

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