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Lab Productivity Suite
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Apex-Gamma software integrates the gamma counting system with the complete operation of the laboratory – replacing what are typically manual and off-line processes with built-in, tightly integrated seamless functionality.

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  • Comprehensive operation and management software for the production-oriented gamma spectroscopy sample-counting lab
  • Designed for labs with large numbers of routine gamma samples
  • Distributed multi-user functionality provides access and control of the system from any client workstation
  • Sample database tracks samples through log-in, counting and data review processes
  • Flexible calibration facilities including scheduling, confirmation report and cross-check reports
  • Quality assurance facilities including scheduling, failure response and intra-lab comparison reporting
  • Data review and reanalysis facilities for routine and non-routine evaluation of assay results
  • Comprehensive event logging records every event on the system – with flexible recall
  • Comprehensive security system controls access to system functions
  • Genie 2000 spectroscopy software provides world class analysis facilities
  • Support for Oracle and SQL Server database facilities


The Apex-Gamma Lab Productivity Suite breaks the old models of gamma spec operation and offers a whole new level of functionality to improve productivity in lab operations. No longer is the gamma spec counting system a functionally isolated instrument – offering only basic counting, calibration and quality assurance capabilities. Apex-Gamma software integrates the gamma counting system with the complete operation of the laboratory – replacing what are typically manual and off-line processes with built-in, tightly integrated seamless functionality (Figure 1).

With Apex-Gamma software, the complete status of a multi-detector system is available at a glance. Click – and find all the samples waiting to be counted. Log samples into the system from the location where the information is known – in the sample preparation area. Let Apex-Gamma suite enforce your calibration/QA schedules and monitor QA results – and automatically take the appropriate action if something goes wrong. Use Apex-Gamma software to perform data review – verifying and correcting results as needed – even years after the initial count. Rely on the Apex-Gamma security system and event logs to control access to the system and construct detailed reports of all system activities.

The key to Apex-Gamma lab productivity lies in the extensive database built directly into the software. As samples are logged into the system, a sample database record is created which stays in the system as the sample moves through various stages of processing – counting, first and second data review, recounting, final results delivery and follow-up inquiry. Built on modern relational database technology, Apex-Gamma software gives you a complete view of what is going on in your lab. How many samples await processing? Apex-Gamma suite knows. Which samples await data review? Ask Apex-Gamma software. Which samples were counted on Detector 3, 20 mL water geometry, cooling water library in the last 20 days? It's an easy question for Apex-Gamma software.

Apex-Gamma suite is designed on a multi-user, client server model. Networked workstations allow you to operate from anywhere in the system. A typical system may have several workstations located within the lab counting area, one or more in sample receiving areas for sample log-in and additional workstations in supervisor or analyst's office for data review. This flexibility gives you optimum information access and system control – the capability you need exactly when and where you need it.

Apex-Gamma software even lets you operate multiple facilities from a single system – providing common resources to operate separate gamma counting operations. Hot lab/cold lab? Separate Health Physics/Radiochemistry/Training areas? HPGe and NaI detectors coexisting in one operation? All these variants can be controlled from one distributed Apex-Gamma system – separately partitioned for easy management and security access. (Figure 2).

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Watch - Apex-Gamma Variable Geometry with LabSOCS

This 9 minute video discusses Apex-Gamma's newest enhancement called Variable Geometry, and why it may be of value to Laboratory and other gamma spectroscopy users in production environments.


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Release Date: 12/2/2015


Provides support for ISOCS Well Detector Characterizations to be installed and used with Apex-Gamma V1.4. This enables cascade summing corrections for the germanium well detector and (if S574 LabSOCS or S574 ISOCS is installed) ISOCS/LabSOCS mathematical efficiency calibrations in Apex-Gamma for well detectors. The following prerequisites are required for this patch:

  • S500/S502/S504 Genie 2000 Basic Spectroscopy V3.4
  • S501 Genie 2000 Gamma Analysis V3.4
  • Apex-Gamma V1.4
  • Custom ISOCS Detector characterization (Model ISOXCAL) for a Germanium Well detector


These patch files have been engineering tested only. They have not been formally verified and validated through a formal QA process. Users should exercise caution when using these patch files.

  • See the Patch_M3555580_Read_Me.pdf file in the ZIP file.
  • There are 4 Language Patches included in the main ZIP file (English, French, German, & Russian) Use the language file associated with your version.

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