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Environmental 814

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Ring/Extremity Dosimeter

Environmental 814 dosimeters
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Environmental dosimeters are well-suited to monitor low-level photon radiation and withstand the most intense environmental situations.

4-Element TLD: 1 LiBO:Mn (TLD800) and 3 CaSO:Dy (TLD900)

Tag Features

  • Thermoluminescent dosimeter elements
  • Outdoor use capability
  • Suitable for monitoring low-level photon radiation
  • Polypropylene holder and tamper-resistant pouch that protects against moisture
  • Holder can be attached to fences, gates, trees or other objects


This dosimeter is designed for outdoor applications and may be used to measure radiation for site characterization, at site boundaries for regulatory compliance, and to monitor public exposure. Our issued reports make it easy to compare to ion chamber results.

Technical Specifications

Environment 814


4-element TLD (1LiBO:Mn [TLD800] and 3 CaSO:Dy [TLD900] elements)

Badge Type

20 = Environmental 814*

Holder Type



ANSI N545-1975

Minimum Reportable Dose

Useful Dose Range

5 mrad (0.05 mGy) - 500 rad (5 Gy)

Energy Response

Photon 40 keV - 6 MeV

* Not accredited for personnel monitoring

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