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Vertical Laundry Contamination Monitor

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Vertical laundry gamma contamination monitor.

Tag Features

  • Reliability: proven plastic scintillator technology
  • Ergonomics: automatic operation, efficient user interface
  • High sensitivity and throughput: down to 800 Bq/suits for 200 suits/h under typical background radiation characteristics in laundries
  • Sensitivity: large detector surface and adaptive, automatic background compensation
  • Intelligence: localization and classification of the gamma contamination
  • Traceability: history log of measurements with analysis features


The LMV-Smart is an automatic, vertical laundry gamma contamination monitor dedicated to the radiological screening of work-suits. It is designed to be integrated into existing, vertical laundry conveyors.

Besides increasing the throughput of the laundry facility, the LMV-Smart improves significantly both screening coverage and reliability.

The LMV Smart associates the proven technology of plastic scintillation detectors with fast, digital gamma spectrometry. Its large detector surface, an optimized shielding geometry together with gamma spectrum processing result in unmatched low detection limits despite the difficult and ever changing background radiation conditions of laundries.

The modern touch screen user-interface offers efficient equipment operation and provides with protected access to diagnose and maintenance functions.

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