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DIS Dosimeter Reader

The DBR-1 Dosimeter Reader is designed to read DIS-1™, DIS-1H3™ and EDIS-1™ dosimeters.

Tag Features

  • Stand-alone use or interface to WinELD™ Dose Management Software
  • Display of Session and Assignment doses and dose reset capability
  • EIA RS-232C serial or optional 10Base-T internal Ethernet LAN interface
  • Back-up batteries and internal buffer memory for securing the operation in all conditions
  • Rugged construction with heavy duty keypad
  • Wall mounting option
  • PTB approved configuration available


The DBR-1 Dosimeter Reader is designed to read DIS-1, DIS-1H3 and EDIS-1 dosimeters.

The dosimeter badge is simply inserted into the reader head slot for dose read-outs. The design of the slot prevents the dosimeter from being inserted incorrectly.

Just plug the DIS-1, DIS-1H3 or EDIS-1 dosimeter into the Dosimeter Reader and in a couple of seconds the Hp(10), Hp(0.07), Hp(3) or H*(10) doses are shown on the reader display and stored in a buffer memory. The instant reading capability allows the user to control his/her dose on a daily basis and makes the monthly or quarterly change of the dosimeter unnecessary.

The control period can be indefinite (in excess of a year), because the dose readings can be transmitted via an electronic method rather than physically sending the badge away for reading and recording of official doses.

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