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Environmental Direct Ion Storage Dosimeter

DIS dosimeter for use in environmental and perimeter area monitoring.

Tag Features

  • Direct measurement of H*(10) over the entire energy range
  • Instant non-destructive readout and dose reset with a table-top reader
  • Passive operation
  • Insensitive to EM and RF interferences
  • Operation at high dose rates and in pulsed fields
  • Built-in memory chip for measurement location identification storage
  • Small, rugged and waterproof
  • A replacement to TLD and film
  • Up to 12 month issue period


The Mirion EDIS-1 unit is an Environmental Direct Ion Storage Dosimeter offering an alternative to TLD or film dosimeter.

The EDIS-1 dosimeter is based on an ionization chamber combined with a modern electronic Direct Ion Storage (DIS) memory cell. The Ion Chamber is widely used as a reference detector in radiation detection and is now available in everyday dosimetry applications. The EDIS-1 dosimeter can be read infinitely and non-destructively without any loss of dose information. This unique feature allows the user of the EDIS-1 dosimeter to instantly read environmental doses whenever necessary.

The radiological range of the EDIS-1 unit covers the entire H*(10) photon energies without any compromises.

The wide dose and energy range, the ability to operate in pulsed fields and the performance at high dose rates make EDIS-1 dosimeter an ideal device for all kinds of radiation dosimetry applications.

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