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Direct Ion Storage Dosimeter

The DIS series of personal electronic radiation dosimeters can operate at high dose rates and inside pulsed fields. It's lightweight, but rugged.

Tag Features

  • Direct measurement of Hp(10) and Hp(0.07) over the entire energy range
  • Instant readout
  • Extremely easy readout process
  • Passive operation
  • Not sensitive to EM and RF interferences
  • Operation at high dose rates
  • Operation at pulsed fields
  • Complies with: IEC 61066, 62387:2012, 17025:2005, PTB


Combining reliable ionization chamber technology with an electronic Direct Ion Storage memory cell, the DIS Series of personal electronic radiation dosimeters offers several features not available on most passive dosimeters. They are able to be quickly and repeatedly read on-site, and have the capability to operate in pulsed fields.

The excellent radiological features and the fast and simple reading of the DIS-1 dosimeter with low-cost readers makes the DIS system superior to any Film dosimetry or TLD system. The DIS-1 Dosimetry system, supported by WinELD™ Software, has found its place among the legal dosimetry and has been accredited in several countries in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Whether a small in-house system with one dosimeter reader and just a few users or a large facility with thousands of users needing a network of readers - the DIS offers a total solution with highly efficient dosimetry manangement with very little additional staff workload.

Economical and Environmentally Friendly

  • Very low investment costs for a starting system
  • Flexible system solutions based on available infrastructure and requirements
  • No consumables such as nitrogen gas or packing materials
  • Badges can be read locally with only the data being sent forward
  • No monthly distribution of dosimeters

Plug and Play

  • Pre-calibrated dosimeters and readers can be used instanly in any system
  • Personal dose equivalent measured in a few seconds
  • Unlimited dose readouts
  • No specialists or additional manual labor required in routine use
  • Effortless extension of system for new sites over the internet

Measuring, Collecting, Recording and Reporting

  • Dosimeter can be reset to display doses for either specific time periods (day, week, month) or specific tasks
  • Dose information is recorded automatically into a database every time a read-out is performed
  • Personnel doses are stored for legal reporting (background radiation is subtracted automatically)
  • Ability to measure in pulsed field environments

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