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Very high range waterproof gamma detector

The AMP-300 unit, or Area Monitor Probe, is a dose rate meter that has been designed specifically to be used in very high dose rate fields.

Tag Features

  • Wide range response from 1 mSv/h to 300 Sv/h (0.1 R/h to 30,000 R/h)
  • Ruggedized construction, waterproof detector housing and cable
  • Quick-connect connectors allow customization of cable length and facilitate easy decontamination
  • Built-in communication port for connection to AWM WRM2™ Transmitter
  • “Smoothed” digital display offers accurate, stable readings
  • User-selectable internal alarm threshold


More importantly, since the probe’s sensitive electronics are located far from the high field (25 to 350 feet away), they are not subject to destructive gamma exposure. Thus the probe head may be located near a filter cube, rad waste stream, resin tank, or even inside the fuel pool (to take advantage of waterproof characteristics) having a longer life expectancy.

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