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SGLM 510™

Steam Generator Leakage Monitor

Safety class (Cat. A) monitoring of the main steam line for leakages in a PWR nuclear power plant with a wide-range gamma ionization chamber.

Tag Features

  • Gross gamma dose rate monitoring of the main steam line (incl. N-16) for primary circuit leakages
  • Wide measuring range (1E-7 to 1E+2 Gy/h)
  • Local HMI for display of measurement values, monitoring performance and setting parameters (key locked)
  • Up to eight types of safety relay outputs for alarm and fault signals and local alarm indication
  • proTK™ signal processing units are modular in hardware and software, highly customizable
  • Extensive self-supervision and integrated test functions
  • Designed and qualified to fulfill Cat. A functions according to the IEC 61226 and for Class 1E functions


The SGLM 510 monitor is part of the proTK / 260 series product line. It has been designed to detect leakages between the primary and the secondary circuits in a nuclear power plant. It operates on the principle that radioactive isotopes like N-16 that are only present in the primary circuit during normal operation cross the boundary into the secondary circuit due to a leak in a steam generator tube. The radioactive isotopes are transported through the main steam line and detected by measuring the increased level of gamma dose rate on the main steam line outside the containment.

The SGLM 510 monitor offers a wide measuring range and a processing unit designed for Cat. A safety functions.

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