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DT D - EXP40™

4 200 cc Tritium Detector

4L ionization chamber for use in the field or radioprotection, environmental monitoring, process control, laboratory and decommissioning surveillance.

Tag Features

  • High performance
    • Continuous measurement
    • Wide measurement range
    • Response time under 3 minutes
  • Easy to use
    • Easy maintenance
    • User-friendly interface
    • Quick and easy commissioning
  • Reliable
    • Precise and stable


The DT D - EXP40 detector is an important-volume ionization chamber (4 200 cc) allowing for the measurement of tritium activities in gases from 2 kBq/m3 (54 nCi/m3) to 2 GBq/m3 (54 mCi/m3).

Compact and high-performance, it combines under one case a 4 200 cc ionization chamber inside its circulation chamber as well as an attached preamplifier.

Usually integrated in M ionix or C ionix - EXX, the DT D - EXP40 can be installed with a reference detector for a dynamic and automatic gamma compensation.

The detector can be connected to a DT ionix 3 touchscreen Human Machine Interface that can be installed several hundred meters away from the detector. It also benefits from the most advanced features such as data extraction via USB, Modbus communication dry contact outputs...

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