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Tritium Detector

Ionization chamber for the detection and measurement of high activities for research application in laboratories and for the control of gloveboxes ambiance.

Tag Features

  • High-performance
    • Continuous measurement
    • Wide measurement range
    • Response time under 60 seconds

  • Simple
    • Easy maintenance
    • Quick and easy set up
  • Reliable
    • Precise and stable


The DT D - MLB detector is a small size ionization chamber (100cc) allowing the measurement of high tritium activities in gases from 21 kBq/m3 (0,57 μCi/m3) to 2,1 PBq/m3 (56,7 kCi/ m3).

This detector has been designed for civil and military research applications, as well as specific projects such as ITER, needing measurement of high activities.

Because of the way it is built and designed, this detector is particularly not sensible to the marking effect, making it one of the best possible choice for the measurement of important activities.

Thanks to a mounting on a leak-tight feedthroughs, it can be installed on gloveboxe outlet. It does not necessarily require an additional pump as it is usually mounted directly in the gas flow to be analyzed.

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