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Human-Machine Interface

Dt ionix

Human-Machine Interface integrated to all of tritium detection channels manufactured by Mirion Technologies (Premium Analyse), either mobile, installed or custom.

Tag Features

  • User-friendly
    • Intuitive design
    • Colour touchscreen
    • Graphic and numerical display
  • Advanced features
    • Real-time volumetric activity display
    • Remote data reading and device monitoring via Modbus
    • Data saved on internal memory, can be copied onto USB
  • Connected
    • Modbus TCP/IP connection
    • 4/20mA analogue outputs
    • 5 dry-contact outputs with customizable alarm thresholds
    • 32 days of data acquisition and export of data via USB


The DT ionix 3 Human-Machine Interface has been designed to handle, manage and analyze digital signals from all of our tritium detectors.

The DT ionix 3 allows for aquisition, digitalization and display of information and data from one or two preamplifier(s).

Due to several 4-20mA analogue inputs and outputs, drycontacts, relays and 2 Modbus outputs, it can handle all of the signals and carry them over, as well as measurement signals, to a supervision.

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