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DSK/DMK 250™

Digital Power Range Channels

Local and average power range channels for BWR reactors with average flux and flow-related flux, including stability monitoring.

Tag Features

Up to four detectors per DSK 250 (LPRM):

  • Individual detector supply
  • Signal filtering and calibration
  • Remote test signal generators
  • RS232/485 data interface for test and calibration

Up to 64 LPRM-signals (16 DSK) per DMK 250:

  • Calculation of average value and flow related flux signal (APRM)
  • Neutron flux oscillation monitoring
  • Generation of analog and binary signals for the reactor protection system


The DSK 250 and DMK 250 digital power range channels form part of the proTK™ product line.

They have been designed for local and average power range monitoring (LPRM and APRM) in the boiling water reactor (BWR). Four in-core fission chambers may be connected to one DSK 250. Hardware and software of the DSK and DMK 250 are designed and qualified for applications at the level of the reactor protection system.

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