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Harsh Background Gamma Portal

The PGS-Smart monitor is designed for contamination monitoring in harsh background areas.

Tag Features

  • Performance: large surface of detectors, high efficiency geometry, 4π shielding, directional morphology compensation
  • Reactivity: unique algorithm for quick background variation adaptation, quick decision algorithm
  • Reliability: proven plastic scintillator technology
  • Smart: localization of the contamination, radionuclide categorization
  • Ease-of-use: automatic opening of doors, free positioning, voice guidance of the user..


The PGH-Smart is designed for contamination monitoring in high gamma background areas, such as reactor building. 4π shielding and sophisticated morpholgy correction is then a premium.

It offers an homogeneous body coverage thanks to large detectors and a unique detection geometry.

Automatic door opening, free positioning, quick measurement and voice and visual guidance to the user, gives the PGH-Smart a real ease of use.

The PGH-Smart is unique and uses the last proven innovations of the Mirion Technologies Smart range.

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