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Health Physics & Radiation Safety Instruments

Precise protection for confident operations. Our technologies enable confident monitoring of radiation levels in people and environments, ensuring worker safety to keep operations running.
Health physics radiation safety instruments orion rtls

Orion™ Real-Time Location System

Bringing real-time location and radiation measurement data together in a seamless experience for nuclear power, industrial and research facilities.

RDS32 TN 1224x960

RDS-32™ 'Next Generation' Survey Meter

A versatile meter to better fit your needs, whatever the market you are working in.

Orion rtls ltx

Location Telemetry Module (LTx)

For the DMC 3000™ Dosimeter

Argos uvc disinfection

Automatic UVC Disinfection

For Argos™-3/-5 Whole Body Contamination Monitors


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