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WRM 510™

Wide Range Monitor

Neutron flux monitor for reactor startup and power operation.

Tag Features

  • Modular design, highly customizable
  • Operated with one wide range fission chamber (guarded or un-guarded)
  • 10+ decades of neutron flux range coverage with one fission chamber
  • Calibration of signal into units of neutron flux (nv) or reactor power (%FP, W, ...)
  • Seamless calculation of the relative flux change rate (reciprocal of the reactor period) over the full neutron flux range
  • Signal filtering with adaptive filter parameters
  • Generation of analog output signals with linear or logarithmic scaling
  • Generation of binary alarm, trip and status indication signals
  • Integrated test-signal generators and simulation capabilities
  • Secured serial interface
  • Qualified for Category A functions (Class 1 system) acc. IEC 61226


At the heart of the WRM 510 wide range monitor resides the DWK 260™ digital wide range signal processing unit that belongs to the Mirion proTK™/260 series of signal processing units for safety critical applications.

The DWK 260 channel can be used with any type of guarded or non-guarded wide range fission chamber to cover more than 10 decades of neutron flux during all modes of reactor operation.

Hardware and software of the WRM 510 monitor are designed and qualified for use at the level of the reactor protection system.

With the WRM 510 monitor, Mirion provides the complete neutron monitoring system for the wide range from neutron detector to the safety signals for reactor protection and control.

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