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Defense & Security

Protecting populations from nuclear risk. Our instruments precisely detect and monitor radiation in the most critical and challenging situations, empowering military and civil defense teams to keep populations safe.

Military (CBRNe) Instruments

Military and CBRNE applications have evolved to create a need for enhanced radiological detection equipment used by armed forces. Based on long-term experience and cooperation with customers, Mirion Technologies constantly improves and extends its range of military products, providing new solutions and innovative technologies against new threats to protect global defense forces.

Spir pack police

Search and Security: Radiation Detection On-the-Go.

Mobile radiation detection systems are used in a variety of search and security scenarios to detect radiation from a safe distance or en route. With options for drone, robot or vehicle-mounted instrumentation, our mobile systems enable fast, reliable and safe detection, measurement and real-time nuclide identification.

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Accurad™ PRD

A discreet yet robust PRD designed for law enforcement, fire rescue, and other emergency responders to detect and interdict nuclear and radioactive materials.

For Emergency Responders. By Emergency Responders


MiniSentry™ 2

Transportable Gamma Portal Monitor

Accurad prd sim

AccuRad™ PRD-SIM Kit

Sourceless training kit for the AccuRad PRD

Spir ace genie xport


Radionuclide Identification Device (RIID) with quantitative assessment capability

Spirview mobile

SpirVIEW Mobile™

Situational awareness software

Spir pack system


Human Portable Radiation Detection and Identification System


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