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Radon measurements in the living and working environment

Mirion Dosimetry Services provides passive radon meters to determine the time-weighted average radon concentration (Rn-222) in or outside the work situation.

These meters use a foil that is sensitive to the alpha particles emitted by radon.

An application form for private individuals can be downloaded. Companies and institutions can submit a request for radon meters to the dosimetry service ([email protected]).

Detector: PADC foil
Mounting options: Several
Measured variable: Time-weighted average radon concentration in Bq/m3
Measuring range: From 10 Bq/m3 (three months exposure time)
Uncertainty (95%) at 20 Bq/m3: 5 Bq/m3 (three months exposure time)
Uncertainty (95%) at 50 Bq/m3: 8 Bq/m3 (three months exposure time)

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