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Space dosimeter

In cases where wearing a personal dosimeter is not mandatory, you can use a room dosimeter.

Once you have a good idea of the frequency and duration of the stay of the various employees in the room, an estimate of the personal doses can be made based on the information from the room dosimeter.

The room dosimeters are equipped with two so-called thermoluminescence detectors, each of which is individually calibrated. These are used to determine H*(10), the ambient dose equivalent at a depth of 10 mm in soft tissue, for photon radiation. This quantity is a good approximation of the effective dose for a person at the measuring position.

Detectors: TLD-100P
Mounting options: Various, including via a clip
Sterilizability: Must not be sterilized
Disinfectability: Alcohol consumption is permitted
Change dosimeters: 26, 13 or 4 times a year
Measured variable: H*(10) in mSv
Photon detection limits: 0.03 mSv (at 2-weekly periodicity)
0.04 mSv (at 4-weekly periodicity)
0.08 mSv (at 3-monthly periodicity)
Maximum photon dose range: 1 Sv
Energy range photons: 30 keV to 1.3 MeV
Energy and angle dependence: See image below


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