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Extremity dosimeter (Ring)

The use of ring dosimeters with a high wearing comfort is an important condition for determining the radiation dose to your hands and fingers.

Ring dosimeters are used, among others, by employees working in nuclear medicine, interventional radiology and in the production of radionuclides.

The dosimeter is equipped with a so-called thermoluminescence detector, which is individually calibrated. This detector is used to determine Hp(0.07), the personal dose equivalent at a depth of 7 mm in soft tissue. This quantity gives a good estimate of the skin dose received. Because the detector is covered with a thin Mylar foil, the ring dosimeters are also suitable for determining exposure to low-energy photons and beta radiation.

Detector: MCP-Ns
Ring size: Variably adjustable
Sterilizability: Must not be sterilized
Disinfectability: Alcohol consumption is permitted
Change dosimeters: 26 or 13 times a year
Measured variable: Hp(0.07) in mSv
Detection limit: 0.1 mSv
Maximum dose range: 10 Sv
Energy range photons: 10 keV up to 662 keV
Energy range betas: >50 keV (average energy)
Energy dependence: See image below

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