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Neutron dosimeter

The neutron dosimeter consists of a round thermoluminescence dosimeter (TL dosimeter) and a (rectangular) PADC dosimeter.

The PADC dosimeter is equipped with a polyallyldiglycol carbonate foil and ensures an accurate measurement of the Hp(10), the personal dose equivalent at a depth of 10 mm in soft tissue due to neutrons.

This detector has a relatively high detection limit. The fluorescent dosimeter is therefore equipped with a specific detector that is very sensitive to neutrons, but with which the neutron dose cannot be determined with sufficient accuracy. Based on the result of this detector, it will be assessed whether the PADC dosimeter should be recalled for evaluation.

In addition to the neutron-sensitive detector, the fluorescent dosimeter contains three thermoluminescence detectors, each of which is individually calibrated. One of the detectors is used to determine Hp(10) due to photons. This quantity is a good approximation of the effective dose received. The other detectors determine Hp(0.07), the personal dose equivalent at a depth of 7 mm in soft tissue as a result of low-energy photons and beta radiation. This quantity gives a good indication of the skin dose received.

Detector PADC dosimeter: Polyallyldiglycol carbonate film (CR-39)
Detectoren TL-dosismeter: MCP-7s, TLD-600/MTS-600 and MTS-700
Mounting options: Various, including via a clip
Sterilizability: Must not be sterilized
Disinfectability: Alcohol consumption is permitted
Change PADC dosimeter: Depending on neutron dose; at least once a year
Wisseling TL-dosismeters: 13 times a year
Measured variable: Hp(10) and Hp(0.07) in mSv
Detection limit for photon radiation: 0.04 mSv (at 4-weekly periodicity)
Maximum dose range of photon radiation: 1 Sv
Detection limit for beta radiation: 1 mSv
Maximum dose range beta radiation: 1 Sv
Neutron radiation detection limit (PADC): 0,2 mSv
Maximum neutron radiation dose range (PADC): 150 mSv
Energy range of photon radiation: 30 keV to 1.3 MeV
Energy range beta radiation: 0.2 MeV to 0.9 MeV
Neutron radiation energy range (PADC): 0.025 eV to 20 MeV
Energy and angle dependence: See images below

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