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Professional Training Services

Mirion Technologies offers a comprehensive portfolio of standard and custom training courses available at one of our 10 training facilities in North America, the UK, and Europe or on-site at customer facilities worldwide. These courses cover fundamentals, applications, and in-depth product training and are presented by technical experts with professional training qualifications.


Our training courses are designed to provide deliberate, progressive, incremental learning opportunities to new personnel and experienced users. Courses are flexible in terms of course content and length and are offered in both classroom and laboratory environments to ensure adequate hands on experience.

Additionally, our two introductory courses for Radiation Detection and Gamma Spectroscopy are available online as computer based trainings. These courses offer exceptional content and convenience, allowing users to learn at their own pace and schedule.

Customer Support Agreement

At the heart of all Mirion support services is the Customer Support Agreement. We’ll work with you to design a tailor-made program based on your specific needs, including services such as installed equipment support, mission critical activities, Calibration and Consulting Services, and other elements.

Pathways to Expertise Training Process

Mirion Technologies has an approach to training that offers users a specific series of courses to reach their chosen level of expertise in a certain subject. Each series begins with relevant fundamentals and progresses through essential training requirements that, once completed, result in the "Technician", "Specialist", or "Subject Matter Expert" level.

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