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Data Analyst™

Continuous Spectroscopic Monitoring Platform

Provides a live, continuous or triggered stream of the Gamma-Isotopic data you need to make timely decisions that can save time, money, and increase safety.

Tag Features

  • Compact spectral aquisition and data processing platform including embedded standard Genie™ software algorithms
  • Performs full nuclide identification and quantification for continuous trending of nuclide activity over time
  • Can perform multiple analysis simultaneously with different count times, nuclide libraries and analysis parameters
  • Can use ISOCS™ software mathematical efficiency calibrations for accurate quantitative assay results for complex geometries
  • Completely unattended operation once configured and turned on
  • High-capacity onboard storage can retain multiple years of analysis results from continuous measurements
  • Compatible with:
    • Lynx® II DSA with HPGe or scintillation detectors
    • Osprey® Tube Base MCA with scintillation detectors
    • GR1™ family of compact CZT spectrometers
  • Supports EcoGamma™ monitor input for recording of local dose rate via a USB or Ethernet connection
  • Able to record data from non-spectroscopic sensors along with spectroscopy results (e.g. doserate, temperature). Data from other sensors can be optionally recorded (e.g. pressure, stack flowrate, sample flowrate), and used in analysis calculations
  • Web-based GUI for configuration and for trend plots of nuclide results from live and historical data
  • Results and spectra can immediately be exported to remote FTP server
  • Supports multiple triggering modes for on-demand acquisition and analysis
  • Nuclide activity alarm calculation step to alert user of unacceptable activity
  • Versatile GPIOs for triggered inputs, and/or alert/alarm/fault outputs


The Data Analyst system is a continuous spectroscopic monitoring solution designed to provide valuable insights to site operators and maintenance personnel. It can reduce or eliminate the routine scheduled sample collection frequency, which reduces the personnel dose and chance of accidents.

The Data Analyst platform is the core building block for advanced online monitoring systems that provides real-time nuclide activity results. The software and analysis engines are designed to run continuously both recording the data locally and transmitting live data to real-time monitoring systems.

It can be used with high resolution detectors such as HPGe, mid-resolution detectors like CZT, or with large and compact highly efficient detectors like scintillators. Its compact and embedded design makes it ideal for a wide variety of uses. It can be embedded within larger systems such as stack monitors and scanning systems, or be used on mobile platforms like drones and robots.

It provides a large database of nuclide-specific results at frequent time intervals, which can be mined to provide early detection of abnormal conditions, or to predict future conditions. Although it might not replace manual sampling in all situations, it can reduce the routine scheduled sample collection frequency, and allow a targeted sample collection and off-line analysis for special cases which would reduce costs and increase safety.

The Data Analyst System seamlessly integrates into a variety of applications — so site operators and maintenance personnel can make timely, informed decisions.

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